What’s the Best Time of Year to Get My Carpets Cleaned?



What’s the Best Time of Year to Get My Carpets Cleaned?

When people get their carpets professionally cleaned, they want to make sure they’re getting as much out of their investment as possible. A natural follow-up question is often, “What time of year is best for getting my carpets cleaned?”

Some people might tell you that you shouldn’t have a schedule for getting your carpets cleaned, but that you should instead just get them cleaned whenever they look dirty. This method is not the smartest way to go, as carpets that look fine can still harbor dirt, stains, and allergens deep in their fibers.

Here’s a list of factors to consider for each season when deciding what time of year to get your carpets professionally cleaned. Depending on your specific living situation and circumstances, see what time of year would be best for you.

  • Spring: If you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow or precipitation in the winter, then early or late spring might be a good time to clean out all that snow-related mud.
  • Summer: If your neck of the woods has rainy springs, then summer could be a good time to clean house, including your carpets.
  • Fall: For families with children at home, waiting until the kids go back to school in the fall might be a smart move. This ensures that the little ones won’t be under foot while the carpet cleaning technicians are working and also provides a little extra time for letting the carpets dry adequately. Additionally, if you get a lot of rain over the summer, waiting until the weather dries up in the fall can be smart.
  • Winter: If none of the above situations seem to apply to you, or if you live in a very moderate climate that doesn’t get a lot of precipitation, then count yourself lucky—you can get your carpets cleaned any time of year, including the winter.

The biggest thing is, look……get your carpets cleaned at least once a year.  Do not get lazy and skip cleanings.  You will regret it when it comes time to replace your carpeting, 10 years earlier than you should have to.  Professionally cleaning your carpet is the best may to protect your investment and stretch out the longevity!