Going Green with Carpet Cleaning


Going Green with Carpet Cleaning

In today’s world, where we know more about harmful chemicals than ever before, many people are interested in going greener when it comes to keeping their carpets and homes clean.

Keeping your carpets clean

One efficient way to keep your carpets clean is to get them regularly cleaned by professional carpet cleaners. Professional-grade detergents tend to be very strong, as they’re designed to remove built-up particles and stains quicker and more effectively than any other kind of cleaner. This level of detergent strength can be worrisome to the consumer, especially one who is trying to stay eco-friendly in their home.

Are professional cleaning detergents harmful?

Thankfully, as long as you’re working with professional carpet cleaners who’ve been adequately and properly trained, these detergents should not be harmful to you or your pets. On the other hand, if carpet cleaning technicians don’t have enough training or experience, they may use their tools improperly, and this can lead to dangerous side effects. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to choose professional carpet cleaners who are skilled and trustworthy.

What eco-friendly options do I have for keeping my carpets clean all the time?

There are many eco-friendly and organic detergents available for use in carpet cleaning. Some professionals and consumers disagree on the effectiveness of these detergents, but if going green is at the top of your priority list, then going this route might be worth it for you.

One simple but often overlooked tip for keeping your carpets clean between professional cleanings is to avoid wearing your shoes inside. It can take a bit of effort, and it might take time to get used to, but wearing slippers or socks on your carpets instead of shoes can keep dirt, small rocks, mud, and many other types of particles off your carpet in the first place.

Going Green, Going Forward

Finding a carpet cleaning professional that understands eco-friendly solutions can be very heard.  Up here in Wisconsin we have put our trust in the professional team over at Green Bay Carpet Cleaning.  . Not only are they great carpet cleaning professionals, they are educators on the latest and greatest tools, techniques, and carpet cleaning solutions.  To learn more about them, click here or visit their website at Carpet Cleaning Ottawa.

What’s the Best Time of Year to Get My Carpets Cleaned?



What’s the Best Time of Year to Get My Carpets Cleaned?

When people get their carpets professionally cleaned, they want to make sure they’re getting as much out of their investment as possible. A natural follow-up question is often, “What time of year is best for getting my carpets cleaned?”

Some people might tell you that you shouldn’t have a schedule for getting your carpets cleaned, but that you should instead just get them cleaned whenever they look dirty. This method is not the smartest way to go, as carpets that look fine can still harbor dirt, stains, and allergens deep in their fibers.

Here’s a list of factors to consider for each season when deciding what time of year to get your carpets professionally cleaned. Depending on your specific living situation and circumstances, see what time of year would be best for you.

  • Spring: If you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow or precipitation in the winter, then early or late spring might be a good time to clean out all that snow-related mud.
  • Summer: If your neck of the woods has rainy springs, then summer could be a good time to clean house, including your carpets.
  • Fall: For families with children at home, waiting until the kids go back to school in the fall might be a smart move. This ensures that the little ones won’t be under foot while the carpet cleaning technicians are working and also provides a little extra time for letting the carpets dry adequately. Additionally, if you get a lot of rain over the summer, waiting until the weather dries up in the fall can be smart.
  • Winter: If none of the above situations seem to apply to you, or if you live in a very moderate climate that doesn’t get a lot of precipitation, then count yourself lucky—you can get your carpets cleaned any time of year, including the winter.

The biggest thing is, look……get your carpets cleaned at least once a year.  Do not get lazy and skip cleanings.  You will regret it when it comes time to replace your carpeting, 10 years earlier than you should have to.  Professionally cleaning your carpet is the best may to protect your investment and stretch out the longevity!

Removing Spots and Stains from Your Carpet


Removing Spots and Stains from your carpet

Whether you own your home or rent your space, whether you’re in a cozy apartment or a spacious house, if you have carpets, they will most likely get spots and stains over time. Sadly, carpet spots and stains are an inevitable part of life, but the good news is that usually, you don’t have to live with them forever!

It goes without saying that most people want to remove carpet stains and spots as quickly as they can. Follow the steps and tips below to make your carpet last as long as possible and remove any spots or stains that might crop up along the way.

1. Act Quickly

As soon as you see a spill happening, take action to prevent the liquid or substance from soaking farther or drying into the fibers of your carpet. It’s nearly impossible to completely prevent carpet damage when something spills, but wiping up the spill or blotting it up soon after the spill happens can go a long way.  What I typically recommend homeowners do is grab some paper towel immediately and blot the stain.  What is blotting?  Well, I don’t how else to explain it, but you take the paper towel and press it gently on and off the stain, soaking it up in the paper towel.  Don’t rub the paper town up and down on the stain.  Excessive rubbing on the stain has the potential to set the stain, which will make removing the stain nearly impossible.  

2. Proceed with caution.

Unfortunately, not all carpet cleaning products will work on all types of stains. Some products might even make certain types of spots or stains worse. Using a home carpet cleaning machine can be an effective way to clean up everyday spots.  If you do decide to use a chemical, I strongly recommend that you read the label from top to bottom.  Amazon is the best online resource for carpet cleaning chemicals.  We rely heavily on the the reviews offered on Amazon.  Check out the reviews and purchase the product that you think will best suit you.  Always keep a cleaning agent on hand for use.

3. Call the professionals when you need to.

Sometimes stains are too large or tough for you to treat them yourself. That’s when you should call professional cleaners. Their high-powered equipment and advanced level of expertise help them remove spots and stains quicker and more efficiently than the average person.  Let’ face it, so one likes to spend money on carpet cleaning.  Here is the deal though, carpet cleaning professionals remove stains every day, and have access to the best stain removal chemicals.  Call your local professional and spend a little money to get the most out of your carpet investment.

Of course, it’s also a great idea to call professional carpet cleaners before your carpet situation gets too dire. Staying on top of your carpet cleaning and bringing in the professionals on a regular basis can help keep your carpets and rugs looking clean and fresh for years longer than they otherwise would.

Whether you have spots and stains that need professional help or would just like to get your carpets as clean as possible, professional carpet cleaners can help.

How to earn money with a carpet cleaning business.

sydney-s-best-cleaning-services-baulkham-hills-2153-thumbnailAre you ready and willing to start your own home-based business where you could be your own boss? If so, then you should strongly consider a carpet cleaning business. Not only will you be your own boss, but in America many are cashing in on this very profitable business. Before you begin any business, you will need two important things; a product to sell and the buyers who take interest in your services.  The cool thing about the carpet cleaning business is that it does not require any kind of special knowledge or prior experience.  What you do need to know is the limitations of your carpet cleaning equipment and, it is helpful to be trained on general carpet cleaning and stain removing principals.

Types of carpet cleaning businesses

If you live in a community of 50,000 or more people, it is likely that you have anywhere between five and fifteen different carpet cleaners serving your community.  Some of these businesses are franchises, and others are entrepreneurs like yourself who went out and bought the necessary equipment to go into business.  There are many different methods to carpet cleaning. The most common start up carpet cleaning businesses are either: 

  • dry foam carpet cleaning,
  • hybrid extraction, or
  • liquid extraction.

There is the bonnet carpet cleaning technique this uses a special machine to  scrub the floor thoroughly. Since the steaming hot water liquid extraction method is less expensive and within the limit of every person willing to start this business, most people prefer starting their career with this technique.

Before you buy your equipment and get your training, we advise all carpet cleaning entrepreneurs to first lay out a business plan.  You must define your mission and vision for your carpet cleaning business first!

The carpet cleaning business requires a large capital investment.  You will need to procure some carpet cleaning instruments and hot water extraction equipment.  This type of a purchase requires a large investment of cash, so you will need to plan your budget and estimate the expenses needed to establish this business.

When searching the units and instruments, you will be amazed to know about the availability of different types of equipment used in the cleaning carpet business. Instead of exploring online websites, my suggestion would be to find local carpet cleaning dealers and go to their shops.  A lot of times these dealers have used equipment for very cheap!  You might find reasonable be reasonable prices at your local shop or at shops that are within a 50 mile radius of your location.

Buying your equipment online is absolutely an option.  There are hundreds of online websites offering carpet cleaning equipment at discounted prices.  The challenge with online though is that most of this equipment is very heavy and cost prohibitive to deliver.  Various carpet units are out there to explore,  including: carpet spotters, truck mount carpet extractors, and portable carpet extractors.

Carpet cleaning professionals rate extractors that come with portability the highest. These are probably what you’re going to have ultimately. Portable carpet extractors with a tank and wand unit work more conveniently compared to those that you walk behind.

Carpet Cleaning – Why is it necessary?

carpetcleaningwandYou have heard it before, your home is an investment!  How is something that costs you so much considered an investment?  Let’s face it, owning a home requires us to spend lots of money.  One of those must have investment items is flooring.  Specifically,  one of the most important things is the carpet in a room. If the carpeting is installed incorrectly, it can completely mess up the look and feel of not only the room it is in, but the entire flow of your house.  On the other hand, if you install them, using scientific ways and in the right manner, they make a nice look.

Quality carpeting is essential for a quality look of a home or room.  Homeowners who like to impress their guests, install high quality carpeting that is bound to impress their guests.  Cleaned carpets ensure your home to be looked as nice and elegant as they should be. It is easy to have your carpeting look its best when they are professional cleaned. Regardless of what look your room has, whether it’s simpler or has a modern look, consider buying cleaner and good looking carpets.  Newly bought carpets will add more elegance to the beauty of a simple room. However, carpets need cleanliness regularly to avoid dust and dirt being collected inside.

It’s an obvious matter that dirt is attracted by carpets and there is no way to stop the carpets from collecting the dust. Even if you take extra care of cleaning the carpets, you will find a lot of stains insides and outside of the carpets being displayed in the eyes of your guest and family members. Upon being dirty, the carpet will destroy the whole look of your home and room and will spare very bad effect.

When your carpets look like Elvis Presley had a cheese whiz party that left the carpets dirty and messy, your entire house will look bad!  Since all other things of the home look dirty if the carpet is messy, you should include the cleanliness of the carpets in your must-do list. Regardless of the way you choose to keep them cleaner, whether you do it yourself, or you hire someone to clean them, make sure the carpets are looked as modern, new, cleaned, and attractive as they should.

Pre-treatment of the carpet

Pre-treatment looks unnecessary phase if you consider it superficially. However, it can help you a lot when it comes to keeping the carpets cleaner for a long time. Pre-treatment involves sprinkling or spraying before the dirt gets inside. This will ensure you to work less hard compared to that if the dirt fills the carpet.